Santa Fe

Santa Fe is an area that is characterized by being one of the most exclusive and expensive areas in the city, so living here is not worthy to many workers.  Nevertheless it has access to several colonies, some of them exclusive and some of them cheap from where you can commute to work easily.

If you work in Santa Fe and you are tired of the long journeys, Dada Room recommends some neighborhoods near this exclusive area of the city for you to move.


The Municipality of Cuajimalpa de Morelos has a privileged location if you work in Santa Fe and it is only a few minutes away by public transport.  If you live in this area you will not have to worry about being late for work. Cuajimalpa is one of the five best locations to live, so you can find very good options around Cuajimalpa.

Average room rental cost: $ 5,000 pesos (USD 250)


Lomas Altas

Located in Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, surrounded by Bosque de Chapultepec, Constituyentes Avenue and Paseo de la Reforma, this colony has easy access to important roads that reach Santa Fe both by public or private transportation. This colony is located right between Santa Fe and Polanco.

Average room rental cost: $ 6,500 (USD 325).

San Pedro de los Pinos

For all those looking for an area near Santa Fe but located in a central location, the area of San Pedro de los Pinos is an excellent option because it has easy access to the orange metro line (7), and it is connected to the Viaducto Río Becerra, the Colonia Nápoles and Ciudad de los Deportes.

Average room rental cost: $ 4,000 (USD 200)

San Miguel Chapultepec

Another centric neighborhood where you should consider moving if you work in Santa Fe is San Miguel Chapultepec.  It is connected to Chapultepec, Juanacatlán, Constituyentes and Tacubaya stations. This area is very quiet and safe to live, in addition it is very close to  Condesa neighborhood, so you have restaurants, bars and supermarkets at your fingertips.

Average room rental cost: $ 5,500 (USD 275).

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can also search for the following colonies, although you should be careful because they are less safe:

Santa Lucía

Santa Lucía is also called Pueblo de Santa Lucía or Paraje Santa Lucía, is a neighborhood very close to Santa Fe, if you are looking for an area accessible to Tec de Monterrey or Expo Santa Fe, this neighborhood is your best option since you can find rooms for rent at a cost accessible between $ 3,000 and $ 3,500 pesos (USD 15O and USD 175).  Santa Lucía is surrounded by Av. Tamaulipas, Av. De los Poetas and Av. Centenario so it has easy access to public transport

El Yaqui

A very familiar colony because of its quiet environment. This is an excellent option for those who work in Centro Santa Fe and Centro Médico ABC, the cost of the rent does not exceed 4,000 pesos (USD 200), and you can even find very good options at 3,000 pesos (USD 150). Av. Vasco de Quiroga and the Mexico-Toluca Highway go through this colony.


Metro Tacubaya

For all those seeking an area near Santa Fe but located in a central location, the Tacubaya area is an excellent option as it has easy access to public transportation that takes you to Santa Fe and the rest of the city. Tacubaya subway station is a few steps away. In this colony you can find rooms for rent from 3,500 pesos (USD 175).


Located in Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, you will easily find Observatorio Subway station, Constituyentes and Tacubaya that will take you to Santa Fe. You can find rooms for rent from 3,500 pesos (USD 175) .

If you have your own car, there are other colonies that are a good option: San Jerónimo, El Tanque and Jardines del Pedregal, using Supervía Poniente.

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